Week 343 // Summer Mic Bleed

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Later on in my secret hide out
Write a song with a window open
Write a song to the world outside
Hear the sound of the world

Listen up, it’s a summer twilight
Listen up to the wailing siren
Hear the sound of your heart’s desire
Drown it out with a song

You were born with a voice, so use it
You were born with a voice, so use it
You were born with a voice, so use it
You were born with a voice

It’s a scorcher out there folks. This was the year’s first real summer recording session for me. With the mercury up past ninety, my home recording station becomes a sauna. In past years, possessing of great fortitude and determination, I would suffocate in a hot room with the doors and windows shut for hours, heroically drowning out local ambient sounds and torturing myself for my art. I’m not there yet this year. Instead, I churned out a quick tune with the window open, contending with the street chaos outside. I delayed recording vocals for nearly twenty minutes because the ice-cream truck was drowning me out. By the way, this song’s reference to one’s heart’s desire is a gesture toward the aforementioned ice-cream truck; its frozen salvation tempting and taunting me from the street below. I did not succumb. Incidentally, I present the download of this song for free, because I don’t want to tangle with any copyright lawyers that Mr. Softee might have on retainer.


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