Week 341 // Belief

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The keys to the kingdom
The lock on an open gate
Oh my lord I’ve seen it all

The rain washing over
Voices from the window came
Oh dear god I’ve heard them all

And it’s strange believing
Oh dear lord believe in me

Or it’s unbelieving
Oh dear lord believe in
Oh dear lord believe in me

I’m not sure what brought about this meditation on belief. I didn’t know what I was writing until it was written. I suppose this song is a prayer. It directly addresses the deity, so there you have it.

Nobody has posed the question to me recently of whether or not I hold a personal belief in a god, so I’m a bit befuddled that I brought it up. I used to believe in god. I’m interested in believing in god. It’s still compelling to me in the dark of the night when life looms large. That’s about as far as I can take it right now. I guess this song is a plea to a god I used to talk to. I think I’m asking that god not to forget about me in the mean time.


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