Week 337 // With Apologies to Plato

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Dance little shadow
Enter into my eyes
What form described?
What form described?
Cast the shape of knowledge

I have no need
For music written after 2006
Twenty aught six
Was the end of music

In the cave we were unaware
In the cave we were unaware

Still every morning
Rub the potions into my unblemished skin
Oh my skin has all the facts worth knowing

In the cave we were unaware
In the cave we were unaware

This week I have taken a shallow stab at appropriating Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Far be it from me to have anything new or original to say about this ancient work. The chorus came to me fully formed, and I loved the harmonies, so I found myself forced to throw my hat in the ring with the classics scholars, and my college freshman seminar syllabus.

Still, there is something nice going on here. I’m tugging at awakening and loss of innocence. I feel like I know when I saw the form casting the shadow for the first time. I image most people have a sense of that moment in their lives. Afterwords comes some kind of artifice; an epiphany followed by a retreat. This might seem vague, but I can’t always spell it all out. If I had specifics, I’d give them to you.


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