Week 328 // After

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How do you go where you want to go?
And be who you want to be?
How do you do what you need to do?
And be who you need to be?

An astute listener with an ear for patterns will note that my evident unrest throughout the recent overarching narrative of these songs reaches beyond the angst-at-large of our collective geopolitical tumult. New York is a subject of derision from time to time in these songs, but it’s also a subject of inspiration. That’s why I have mixed feelings about beginning the likely long process of crafting an exit strategy with my wife. But we have to. We’re getting spent on this burg.

Leaving here is a daunting notion. The whole place is designed to keep you in, and for a while you don’t mind. You can’t sense the edges of it. Who knows if the edges are even out there?

This song is about pondering how to get to the time after this. This song is about wondering who we’ll need to become to get there.


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One thought on “Week 328 // After

  1. Wow, what a great song! Nice melody and combination of voices and instruments. The questions you ask in the song are not easy to answer.

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