Week 325 // Animal

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Up in space on a sunny afternoon
I catch the wind and ride it home with you
I reject the flame as it’s lapping at the door
I reject the flame that consumes and begs for more

I am an animal
I am meant for more

The whispered curse, I’m rising in the morn
I cannot hope to be the finest of the form
I cannot hope to play a perfect set of rules
I cannot aim to know the folly of the fools

I am an animal
I am meant for more

It’s hard to be a person in a city in an office at a desk looking at a computer. I’ve forgotten that I’m an animal, and often feel like something far less dignified. An animal ranges and breathes and never marks time or attempts to justify his folly. An animal has instincts instead of directives. An animal doesn’t abhor perfection or convention; he is merely unmoved by their existence or appeal. I have spent a lot of time on the project of becoming something less like an animal. I’m not certain the effort has made me more like a man. These vagaries are all to say that my wife is correct when she says we have the power to alter our destiny. An animal can catch a new wind. An animal can pivot when his instincts tell him his path is not his own.


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One thought on “Week 325 // Animal

  1. Excellent essay and song with a message reminding us that we have only one life, and we should not spend it in the captivity of something that is not meaningful for us.

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