Week 322 // What Everyone Worries About

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Everyone worries about
Something different
When they’re lying awake at night

Holding the weight of the world
Back is breaking
Rooting against the light

And the sun is a burning thing

And everyone carries around
Something broken
Like we’ll need it but we don’t know when

And we never say a thing about
The obvious solution
When we’re packing our things again

Time is a burning thing
The Earth is a burning thing
Light is a burning thing

This Christmas I got a splendid new instrument from my awesome sisters in law. Thanks, Susannah and Lily! It’s a beautiful little karimba, and it is the only instrument you will hear on this week’s new song, aside from my voice. I have been pondering how to get started with it; whether to feature it as an accent to another instrument, or to dive in headlong. I dove in. It’s a really fun sound to layer, and the single octave scale places valuable and productive parameters on songwriting. I had a really good time with this thing, and I’m really looking forward to finding out what else I can make it do!

This song is a little pondering on human anxieties, and our stubborn insistence on carrying their weight around. In this context, I might be using the word “everyone” to say something more like “me”, because I can’t possibly project what the entire human race is feeling. Still, I operate under the assumption that being a person is a more or less similar experience when it comes to moving around in the world and pondering infinity. I hope you enjoy listening.


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  1. Impressive! That’s a great sound out a simple instrument. A little Google research indicates that the instrument is over a thousand years old.

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