Week 31 // Ten Billion Truths (The Tender Part Of Your Soul)

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Mount Everest - Ten Billion Truths

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Jesse Mitchell Lindsey
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In the early days
We found the proof
Ten thousand years
Ten billion truths

And human beings
We’ve got so much more
We got animal parts
With hearts that soar
And hearts that rage
In the dead of night
We got so many ways
To describe the light

When something pulls
At your barest soul
And you leave it behind
Well it leaves a hole

Fill it with the pieces that you brought with you long ago
Dig it like a tunnel to the tender part of your soul

And one of these days
We might understand
That the things we’ve done
Have stayed on our hands

And I’ll sit in the rain
Feeling every drop
I can’t stay the same
Though I tried to stop

If your mind forgets
All the things it knows
Something must hang on
You’ll fill the holes

Fill it with the pieces that you brought with you long ago
Dig it like a tunnel to the tender part of your soul

 width=This week’s song is about the feeling you get when it is time to give up something that has been a huge part of you. It is about the hole that is left in you when you give up a big part of yourself. I thought for a while about how particular that emotion is; how specifically human it is. The very existence of this emotion is wrapped up in how we construct our identities. This is something that seems to be unique to us in the animal kingdom, so I began to wonder about the first people who could truly feel this. Perhaps that was the moment when we first became human. I thought of all the billions of people walking around with these feelings, and those who preceded them, and I started to realize that with so much collective experience with having a hole in one’s heart, there is bound to be somebody out there who knows how to mend it. In the context of this song, that is the meaning of hope: that in all the combined experience of mankind and our ancestors, somebody knows how to properly deal with a hard feeling. The song is written in broad conceptual strokes, which seems to be appropriate since the topic of the song is so broad and conceptual. Of course it comes from a specific place, but I won’t get into it so you can superimpose your own specifics over it. I worry that if I always describe in detail exactly why I wrote a song, I’ll rob listeners of extracting their own meaning. Do you have a hole that you are trying to fill in? It’s okay, I think most of us do.

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

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2 thoughts on “Week 31 // Ten Billion Truths (The Tender Part Of Your Soul)”

  1. Interesting idea and treatment. The vocals are appropriately not “soaring” and underline the sense of loss. I really like the esay and visual representation of the concept of cycle of i.

  2. That’s one killer bass line. I just love how simple and clean (not tonally) it comes through. Reminds me of when interpol used to be good. Love how the lyrics and guitars interact as well.


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