Week 3: November

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Mount Everest - November Featured Performers:
Jesse Mitchell Lindsey
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I can’t walk at all this week
I got a wounded limb, I don’t wanna speak
They were here, they were back, now they’re gone again
But still it was nice to see absent friends
To hear their stories and tell them mine
This time of year can be pretty nice
For that sort of thing

Its like everyone dies and then lives again
And if I’m only alive when I can see my friends
Then I’m only alive this time of year
And I’d bury it all just to have you here
All of you who’ve sewn my soul together
For the past few years or so
God bless you and yours

I remember I’m alive
Each time November comes
And I forget it every time
This aint December yet
So I’m here to watch the autumn die

Laying in bed on the avenue
Aint it funny how nothing is a thing you can do
Aint it pretty how naked the trees can be
With their branches no longer a mystery
And I’m wondering if I’ve been a mystery
to so many whose hearts are so clear in view
I’m not sure I’d like it if I’ve been
But I’m pretty sure I’ve been

I remember I’m alive
Each time November comes
And I forget it every time
This aint December yet
So I’m here to watch the autumn die

What better a way to welcome the month of December here at Mount Everest than by posting a song called November. This song is meant as a love note to all of my absent friends, especially those who show up for Thanksgiving to share war stories and a few beers while reminiscing about old times. It is about wishing they could be around all of the time. Each November I suddenly remember what I have been missing the other eleven months of the year, during which time I haven’t seen many of my friends all in the same place. It is about feeling lonesome when they all leave again, and realizing that all of a sudden the autumn is over and on top of that I’ve sprained my ankle. But really it is a (belated) celebration of Thanksgiving, and my way of saying what I’m truly thankful for, which is the people in my life.

You will notice that I didn’t trick this tune out with fake drums, or synthesized bells and whistles. I didn’t use any electric instruments of any kind for that matter. I wanted to write something using only my hands, an acoustic guitar, and my voice. I did, however, give myself somewhat of an unusual ultimatum before I began. I didn’t allow myself to play any chords. The only strumming you will hear is that of muted notes which, to me, replace percussion rather than a rhythm guitar. Everything else is overdubbed picking, and chords constructed from individually dubbed notes. I did this because I wanted to change the way that I thought about the guitar. I thought that it might lead me in a different direction than that which might have resulted from sitting down to strum out a tune.

Anyhow, this song is focused on a sentiment and a moment. Thank you to all of my friends, Thanksgiving friends or not, for being who you are. Also, I wish to say thank you to the anonymous graffiti artist who spray-painted “You Are Beautiful” on the side of a boarded building that I just happened to pass while visiting the city of Dublin, Ireland in the spring of 2007. The artist’s sentiment, I’m sure, mirrored my own feelings for the friends for whom I wrote this song.

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.


6 thoughts on “Week 3: November”

  1. I think this is my favorite so far. It’s got such a strong earthy feel to it. Which I think is helped by the lack of production or synthetic sounds on it. It really encapsulates that feeling of fall turning into winter. Slightly melancholy, but also recognizing the beauty in the shifting of seasons and life.

  2. Hi Gene,

    Just snooped your Webb page. Interesting. Am I right thinking your favourite song is from “You are beautiful “?

    Hoping your Memorial Day finds you


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