Week 262 // Friendly Fire

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The cannon is loaded
The fuse is smoking
In the ruins of America
You caught me thinking
We’re waiting for a miracle
They’re not in season
Lose faith in Jesus
You get a rain check

I talk like a magazine
Maybe I’ll write a book
Screaming at senators
Passing out dirty looks
Anything’s possible
Everything’s under control

See all the house pets
Defy their masters
And written on their faces
Wide open spaces
And all over the papers
The deaths of strangers
In every language
Read all about it

Cabernet kerosene
Feeling unstoppable
Think like a millionaire
Path of a wrecking ball
Anything’s possible
Everything’s under control

Wrap the gifts with razor wire
Raise the kids on friendly fire

As of this posting I have written, recorded, and released a song every week for five years! I’m not truly able to soak in what that means, or understand this moment in my life for what it really is. It catches me as a swell of emotion from time to time, but I’m too overwhelmed by it to ponder it deeper. I have engaged in some self-congratulatory thinking lately, but I’m not surprised that my prevailing thought tends to be “Good job. You’re half-way to 10 years, and wouldn’t that be something? Any thoughts for next Monday?” Always the next song. Always higher to climb. That’s the way it should be. That has ever been the point of this.

I’m very grateful to all of you, most specifically my family (especially Mom and Dad), my friends, my collaborators, and my wife, Rebecca. In general, I’m extremely grateful to my listeners, my re-posters, my likers, my sharers, my tweeters, and on and on. As a show of gratitude, I offer you a very large download of 30 songs, which are my favorites from the past year.

Thank You for being here!
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This week’s song is a reflection on the madness and decline of western thought and civilization. I see it all around me, and it makes my belly ache. I participate in it too, which makes my heart hum with survivor’s guilt. As always, there’s meant to be a strain of hope in this song. It’s bleak this time, but it’s there. After we’re all gone the dogs will finally run free of their cages and kennels. I’m certain the world will be theirs, and I’m glad for it.

Thanks for for listening. See you all again next Monday.


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One thought on “Week 262 // Friendly Fire

  1. It is hard to believe that mounteverestweekly.com has given us a gift every week for five years. All I can say is wow! Thank you for executing this great idea and for all the effort that it has taken. Thank you for pouring out your soul. Thank you for the world view and the sense of peace that is prevalent throughout mounteverestweekly.com. Thank you for the really good music that surprises and satisfies. I hope the Mondays with mounteverest go on forever!

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