Week 249 // Shimmering

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Hold me down love
I get like this
I work my blood so much
I’m tasting it on my lips

Feel the highway
The summer wanes
Apocalyptic Rain
The thing is it never came

Everything is shimmering now
And I gotta move
Everything is coming around

Hold me up dear
I get locked down
I waste my charge, so what?
You’re keeping me off the ground

Fine intentions
I’m making good
I’m climbing canyon walls
I’m giving it what I should

Everything is shimmering now
And I gotta move
Everything is coming around

The picture accompanying this track was taken in my apartment. I staged it in no way whatsoever. This is actually what my apartment looks like right now. I can’t see the shape of this room because of the boxes we’ve accumulated. Soon we’ll fill the boxes and move them somewhere else. This isn’t a song about moving, just as last week’s song wasn’t a song about apartment hunting. This song is about chaos and anxiety, juxtaposed with sparkling optimism, partnership, and the smell of possibility in the atmosphere. My wife and I took a break from our project of deconstructing and reconstructing our lives this weekend. We traveled to help my old friends get hitched, and the event absolutely sizzled with possibility. In some ways it felt like revisiting our own wedding three weeks ago, which was one gratifying and wonderful aspect of the weekend. More than that, It was potent celebration of the possibilities in life, and it made me excited to keep building, to grab hold of the crackle in the air and make use of it. That’s sort of what this song is about.


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