Week 23 // 1000 Times a Year

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In case you’re there
Beyond the automatic doors
I check my style
And smooth the wrinkles in my outerwear

And in my mind
I cannot help but to rehearse
The line I’d use
To break the ice there in the dairy isle

For all I know
You are the only one for me
Right there beyond the produce section
Where you’d laugh just like a symphony

Where did you go?
Where did you take your auburn hair?
To grace the patrons of some other chain?
If so I’ll take my business there

1000 times a year
I lose my heart and then she disappears
The feeling’s brief but nonetheless sincere
I’ll fall in love again

I search the aisles for any sign of you
Perhaps today you’re handing out free samples with a golden smile

And if you’re there
An awkward glance cast toward your name-tag for the secret it reveals
Is more than I would dare

What should I do?
We would heat up the freezer section with the warmth of our affection
If I had the nerve to speak to you

Where did you go?
Why did you leave me here to wonder
how a girl like you wound up here underneath the harsh florescent glow?

1000 times a year
I lose my heart and then she disappears
The feeling’s brief but nonetheless sincere
I’ll fall in love again

1000 Times A Year is the number of times each year that I become completely infatuated with a total stranger only to forget about them as soon as they are out of my line of sight. Every now and then I see one of these total strangers again and again, and damn it if I don’t develop a little crush. This song is for the beautiful woman who used to work at my local supermarket. I have no idea what happened to her, but she stopped working there before I got the chance to introduce myself. It might as well be dedicated to every beautiful woman who ever used to work at a supermarket, considering that I have never introduced myself to any of them.

Although I never worked up the nerve to strike up a conversation with this particular woman, (perhaps while she was giving out free samples of guacamole, or restocking cereal boxes) it was fun to take the tiny little crush I had and blow it completely out of proportion in this song. The lyrical focus of this song was in part an effort to lighten up a little bit. I often wonder what to write about, and somehow I have come into the habit of believing that I have to relate some earth-shattering human truth each week. Not only is this impossible, but I have noticed that in my effort to do this, I have begun to dilute whatever profound truths I do have a handle on. So I decided to do something I hardly ever do: write a love song. Not being a normal human being, my love song turned out to be a completely ridiculous synth-pop ballad about a pretty girl at a grocery store.

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

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