Week 21 // Do The Best You Can

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Do the best you can

Ever get the feeling
If you shut your eyes
You’ll burst into flames?
And thinking of another way
You linger on what must stay the same

You’re sleeping in your boots
In case you’re leaving
In the dead of the night
You’re breathing in the dark
And thinking thoughts
About what’s wrong and what’s right
And that’s really what gets you

So you do the best you can

Way down in the earth
You’re taking shelter
Yeah you’re melting again
Down inside the rocks that squeeze you
Think of all the ways that you’ve been

You’ve been a night machine
You’ve been a killer
Yeah you’ve been a mirage
You’ve lived to please
You’ve lived to find your meaning buried deep in a cause

And that’s really what gets to you
When you know what you’ve got
And you wish you could show someone
Who could see who you are
Who could see through the walls you build

And that’s when you do the best you can

You’d run but you could get caught
You’d hide but you might get lost
You’d cry but you banish the thought
You’d love but you might get crushed
You’d run but you could get caught
You’d hide but you might get lost
You’d cry but you banish the thought

So you do the best you can

I am very pleased to present a new song called Do The Best You Can. This is a song about feeling hopeful despite feeling hopeless. It is a song about having no idea where you are or how you got there. It is about trying to understand something really big, and conceding that merely trying to understand is going to have to be good enough. It is about wanting to reach out to another human being, but being a little bit afraid to do so. It is about the desire to be understood. It is about staying the same even when you are trying to change. It is about trying to believe you are strong. It is about trying and trying and trying. It is about humans and love, and it’s probably a little bit about wondering what God is. It is mostly about being alive and how that is scary and wonderful. It is about doing the best you can!

I’ve been operating under the theory for the last couple of weeks that the less time I spend with a song, the better it will be in the long run. Of course there is a sweet spot for each song; a perfect amount of attention that it should receive. This song came fast, partially because I was busy and didn’t have as much time this weekend. I think it was fortuitous that I forced myself into a crunch and had to make rapid decisions. I like the decisions I made.

I have been falling in love all over again with my bass. As I am originally a bassist, it is strange that there are relatively few songs on this site that feature my bass guitar. My father pointed this fact out to me a few weeks ago, and I’ve been making a conscious effort to play it more ever since. I continued with the feel of last weeks song by stripping things down to bass and clean guitars. I’m sure my synth and folk instruments will return with a vengeance eventually, but for the time being, I am enjoying getting back to basics.

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

2 thoughts on “Week 21 // Do The Best You Can”

  1. The bass is back as a force! It makes your body want to move. Oh, if only I weren’t an oldman with an ibuprofen dependency.Great song. Even better philosophy. The best you can is pretty impressive.

  2. I think this song needs more rage-cage power-house. If you feel me. Perhaps one of the most poppy and to the point songs you have ever written (in a good way). Put some balls behind it, like real drums and big guitar and organ and you have a hit that hurts more than mamma’s spanking.


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