Week 208 // Kingdom of Circumstance

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Only one part’s over
Pretty good trick
Convincing us we’re older
Who’d have thought
This would be the year
With the right thought
Anything can happen here

I was alive when
Half the world was burning
It was a crime to
Think that stopped us turning

Watch this moment
When I slow down
I’m sure that she can hold it
She’s got burning ways you see
Through the fire she
Came in on a wave to me

There was a time when
Kindness was worth learning
That was a moment
Earnestly returning

I was alive when
Half the world was burning
It was a crime to
Think that stopped us turning

Moonlight gets away
Was a child when
Last I tried to see this way
Oh the kingdom of circumstance
Once believed that loving was a consequence

This is a moment
Wrapped up in this yearning
Hooked to a comet
Brightest light and learning

I was alive when
Half the world was burning
It was a crime to
Think that stopped us turning

This week marks four years that I’ve spent making music as Mount Everest, four years of never missing a Monday, of writing music all the time. 208 is a lot of songs. After all, four years is nearly five years! Isn’t that something? When I hit an anniversary, I usually take stock, and this year was no different. On airplanes and subways and interstate highways I have recently revisited much of the now daunting catalogue. There was a time when this undertaking was much easier. These days, I can never make it a quarter of the way through, so I skip around randomly sampling ideas that I used to have, and thoughts that I used to think.

One thing really struck me this time. I’m always writing about how old I’m getting. To be clear, at 29 I am literally not old. It’s probably a function of such a linearly autobiographical project that I keep returning to this concept of aging. Watching the weeks tick by on this website, it’s no wonder I start to feel more than my age. The problem is that I am writing about my life like it’s over, when it has barely even started. This song attempts to redress that error of perspective. It has taken a year that has represented seismic beginnings in my life to recognize that this concept that my youth is behind me is a big trick I’ve been playing on myself. Sure, I’m not getting any younger, but youth is a perspective I’m not yet willing to cede to the next generation.

It is my custom to give you presents for Mount Everest’s birthday. If you click the image below, you will download a compilation of my favorite Mount Everest tracks from the past year.

Thank You for being here!
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It is a 23 track album; about an hour and twelve minutes of heartfelt thanks for lending me your ears, and (in many of your cases) your collaborative talents, your emotional support, your love, and your friendship. I love you all so much. It means the world to me that you come here to listen. Please come back next week as I kick off year five. The coming 12 months are shaping up to me monumental in my life, so anticipate sounds you’ve never heard!


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2 thoughts on “Week 208 // Kingdom of Circumstance

  1. You are an “old soul”. It is not a surprise that sometimes you get a little confused about how old you are. It is evident from the wisdom reflected in the music of ME that you are taking in a lot on this trip or that you have made the trip before. Keep bringing us these gifts every Monday for a long time to come.

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