Week 203 // Listen, You’re the Ocean

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Once I tried to hear the ocean
In the faintest whispers in a seashell
Once I thought I heard you laughing
On the breeze that blew across the ocean

This is a buzzy robot ocean love song. I’ve written an ocean love song before, but never a buzzy robot ocean love song. This song is not only thematically, but melodically the sequel to Week 195 // Look, You’re The Ocean. There’s a similar slow unfolding lilt to the lyric, but this time it’s the same simple poem repeated twice. I’m listening for my ocean darling in a shell, on the breeze, wherever she may be. I’ve been near the ocean lately, and it’s a place I associate with her now. Going there without her leaves me listening for her, way way over on the other side somewhere. Now when she listens for me she’ll hear this.


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