Week 184 // How We Got Here

May 26th, 2014

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I’m getting carried away with thoughts
And songs I might be singing
A chorus running through my mind

And all the while yonder glance you cast
And set me spinning
You get me spinning all the time

And you can think it all out loud
You know my ears are open
I’d hang on anything you say

And I would spell it out for hours
The way it set in motion
Were that a thing I could explain

But I don’t understand
How we got here
Or what it means to go this way
But it’s good

And out there standing on the stoop
You know my chest was pounding
I searched for anything to say

An early lesson struck me
Full of peace and truth resounding
I pushed the door out of the way

And if I ever knew the truth would
Taste so sweet my darling
I would have spoke it right away

Instead of weighing all the costs
I’d trust the wealth within you
I know exactly what I’d say

That I don’t understand
How we got here
Or what it means to go this way
But it’s good

Hey folks. I’m gonna keep the notes on this one short because I’m coming right up on midnight, and I’m nearly missing a Monday for the first time ever. I’m not going to do that. This song is about the rewards of telling the truth


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