Week 16: A Life On A Carousel

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Mount Everest - A Life On A Carousel Featured Performers:
Nick Mastors
Miguel Williams
Jesse Mitchell Lindsey
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Ain’t it so the hardest part
Is coming back around again
And searching unfamiliar faces
for the faces of your friends
And I am coming back around again
It’s a life on a carousel

There’s a reason
For the coldest season
It’s a proving ground
And there’s a light that’s coming
So impressive we will all be found
And I am coming back around again
It’s a life on a carousel

 width=The artwork this week is a photograph by my friend Brian Doyle. He found this carousel someplace in France, and managed to paint a beautiful picture with it’s light. I saw it and began to think about carousels and what they do. Of course they go around, and around. It happens again and again. It is a cycle, much like a year, a revolution akin to an orbit. It is a simple metaphor, so I wrote simple lyrics to describe it, and I repeated them twice, a cycle in their own right.

This is another collaborative song, written with Nick and Miguel. As always the experience was a pleasure. I particularly liked working on three part harmonies on the sans-lyrics sections. I also liked that so much of this song was played on acoustic instruments, and we were able to step outside of the computer for a few minutes. I sincerely hope I get another chance to write with those guys in the near future.

If all has gone according to plan I have now landed safely in Boston after a fun and rewarding vacation in California. As my flight was the red-eye, I am most likely at this moment passed out in a pile of my own luggage, unable to make it up the stairs.

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

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  1. I love this song. It brings back memories of merry go rounds and trips to parks. The acoustic instruments give it the right touch. It’s nice that you are developing the ability to have a range of voices.


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