Week 158 // The Constants

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I was a kind man
‘Till something happened to me
I was a good man
With a burden of a purpose that you could see

And if you think about it for a second
And laugh about it for a week
Decide and then you second guess it
And suddenly you learn to speak

I’ve been a mad soul
With a compass and a question
That I could chase
You’re rubbing charcoal
Into your fingers
You let them linger on my face

And you’ve been thinking on it for an instant
And marking seconds for a year
And crying for some lost october
That autumn’s only once a year

And it’s sad to let all the constants float away
And you tried your best just to keep one at your side
But you can’t so you left it in the sunshine

With a winter chill blowing into New York this weekend, the moment seemed ripe to process the end of autumn, as I have several times before in this project. The subtext of this particular seasonal shift has always seemed richest to me. Autumn is easily my favorite time of year, and I think it earns that distinction in no small part because of its brevity. I wait month after month for this tiny window of perfection when the light changes, and the air crackles, and the colors burn. And then as soon as I appreciate that it’s finally here, it up and goes. And I’m left to think about change, and no year of my life resonates with change quite like this one. The constants in our lives exist only to cease to exist. Nothing is constant, some things just feel that way. When they finally slip from our grasps, and float away someplace, just like the end of autumn, we’re hard-pressed to feel surprised. I’m not sure how that is supposed to make us feel. Maybe it’s a little sad, but the comedian-philosopher Louis C.K. reminds us that we’re lucky to live sad moments, because they’re poetic.

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

I’m working through my arsenal of instruments, featuring only one per week until I’ve written a song on each one. After that, it’s back to business as usual. Feel free to prolong this project by buying me more instruments.

melodica, banjo, tenor ukelele, guitalele, nylon stringed acoustic guitar, steel stringed acoustic guitar, mandolin, electric guitar, electric bass, synthesizer, and human voice.

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