Week 153 // Lessons

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If you couldn’t ever learn to love
It’s ‘cause you couldn’t ever
Learn to love yourself
You should have known
You should have known
The only comfort in this world derives
From meaning all the truth you sell
And I suppose
And I suppose you think
You know know a thing or two
Of common things
Of things like common sense
And am I right?
And am I right to think
That you revolve around
A slowing concept of your innocence
I think you might
It’s time for this lesson to start
Carve these words into the pit of your heart:
Goodness knows your’re good enough
If you think you know a thing about it
Just consider that’s the way you always thought
When you were young
When you were younger all the things you’d learn
Would soon enough become the the things that you forgot
And you’d become
An older if not wiser if unkinder unsurprised reminder
Of the things you’d lost
You should have known
You should have known there’s something deep inside you
That you’d recognize and thrives at any cost
And I suppose
It’s time for this lesson to start
Carve these words into the pit of your heart:
Goodness knows your’re good enough

Hey gang. This week I’m picking my subproject up again after doing a little something else with some friends last week. If you don’t know about my subproject, basically I’m writing a song using only one instrument until I’ve written one using each instrument that I’ve got. This week I’m using my synthesizer, which immediately dawned on me is a total copout. The synthesizer is capable of creating individual voices so numerous, I might as well have had access to infinite instruments this week. But the idea is to embrace the unique capabilities of an instrument, and that is what I have tried to do. I certainly couldn’t have made this song on a mandolin.

The tune is a bit of a pep-talk for anybody who feels out of touch with their best self. A lot of times I find myself pining for previous incarnations of my being, for times when I was just better. This song attempts to mine the ambiguity of memory, and the flexibility of our self perception. The ultimate take-away is a bit cheesy, but important nonetheless: you’re good enough.

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

I’m working through my arsenal of instruments, featuring only one per week until I’ve written a song on each one. After that, it’s back to business as usual. Feel free to prolong this project by buying me more instruments.

melodica, banjo, tenor ukelele, guitalele, nylon stringed acoustic guitar, steel stringed acoustic guitar, mandolin, electric guitar, electric bass, synthesizer, and human voice.

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  1. Fantastic lyrics. The song has deep meaning. The synthesizer works really well and you are right that this is not a tune for a mandolin.


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