Week 152 // Nice Things For David

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Nice Things For David (times one-dillion)

We have families that we choose, and I’ve chosen extremely well. At a reunion of one such family, we cooked up this tune. Amidst the annual emotional bear-hug that is our Skidfamily Reunion, people began to give things to Dave. Dave was sitting to rest his legs during a short hike, and people began to present him with natural objects, trinkets, and tributes. Before too long, Dave was enveloped in small tokens of his friends’ affection, and he even had a new pet (a grasshopper). A new game called “Nice Things For David” had been spontaneously created, and it was beautifully emblematic of the spirit of the weekend. We were there to give our love in as great a quantity as we could muster. We were there to be absolutely enveloped in it. A lot of people played on this song, and a lot more people played on it by virtue of their loving presence at a truly great event. In no particular order you are hearing Nick, Tama, Brenna, Miguel, Alex, Julia, Rob, Dave, Jesse, Ben, Celia, Joseph, Holly, Clio, and Becca. Thanks everyone!

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

Due to a love-tastic explosion of friends, this sub-project is on hold for this week.
I’m working through my arsenal of instruments, featuring only one per week until I’ve written a song on each one. After that, it’s back to business as usual. Feel free to prolong this project by buying me more instruments.

melodica, banjo, tenor ukelele, guitalele, nylon stringed acoustic guitar, steel stringed acoustic guitar, mandolin, electric guitar, electric bass, synthesizer, and human voice.

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