Week 14: So This Is Tomorrow

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Mount Everest - So This Is Tomorrow Featured Performers:
Jesse Mitchell Lindsey
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I want to know for sure
The morning will be there
If I sleep through the night

I want a love who knows exactly who I am
I want a chance to hold tomorrow in my hand

And I want a city in the sun
And a guarantee I’m not the only one
And I want to find out I could carry the weight for anyone

Here am I
I’m burning burning
God, I’m gone, I’m gone
Here I am uncertain
Certain rights will stay un-wronged
And here I’m waiting for the dawn

And I got me in a down and out way
I got the windows down and I’m feeling like a stray

And I’m moving with no purpose I can feel
But something’s dead ahead and damn if it ain’t real
And I’m thinking again that it’s all in my head when I’m behind the wheel

Here am I
I’m burning burning
God, I’m gone, I’m gone
Here am I uncertain
Certain rights will stay un-wronged

God and all God’s children hurting
Learning right from wrong
Love and all love’s burdens burning
Bright on everyone

And everyone’s so anxious to arrive
And it scares me just to know that we’re alive

So there it’s scratching at my skin
Like a fresh reminder of the state I’m in
So this is tomorrow
And it all begins
And it all begins

 width=The photo accompanying this week’s song was given to me by my friend and collaborator, Nick Mastors. It brought me back years to my first semester at college. I’m not sure if I’ve ever told a soul about the frequent late night drives that I would take when my head was full of thoughts. That’s where this picture brought me when I looked at it. I would pick a road that I hadn’t tried yet, and I would drive and drive, sometimes for hours, usually turning back only when I was convinced I was lost. I weaved in and out of towns and villages, through woods and farmland, under buzzing streetlights, and beneath fragrant pines. I was testing out the limits of my new-found independence, but more than that, I was thinking about tomorrow and how uncertain it was. It was an uncertain time, and when I think back to it, the feeling still resonates with me. It’s like all we can do is barrel into the future, wake up every day and say, “So, this is tomorrow,” and the universe pretty much does what it’s going to do, while we do our best to learn and be good people.

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

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