Week 12 // The Void and the Great Unknown

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Mount Everest - The Void and the Great Unknown

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Jesse Mitchell Lindsey
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I’ve been wide awake
Since 1985
How many now have closed their eyes
Since I first opened mine?

And in the morning light
I hear it every time
That’s when I know the voice of God
Has been keeping me alive

And I know I’ve been left alone
With the void and the great unknown
And the world and it’s quiet beauty call
And I feel that it’s my own

The moon, the earth
The edge, the search
The itch, the hurt
My open eyes
It’s what’s keeping me alive
And it kills me every time

I knew it when I was a child
That the night would be only mine
That the darkness would swallow the light
That there are colors on either side

That there are colors that must be named
And there were questions from the start
And there’s a vastness that remains
And there are answers in the dark

The moon, the earth
The edge, the search
The itch, the hurt
My open eyes
It’s what’s keeping me alive
And it kills me every time

 width=Those who know me well will tell you that I am quite the night-owl. But it goes a little deeper than that. While I do have one fully diagnosed sleep disorder, I also believe myself to be one of the world’s great undiagnosed insomniacs. I never sleep at night. I don’t know what a good night’s sleep is like, and I can tell you in all honesty that I don’t know what somebody means when they say they are well rested. I have never experienced that; at least not that I can remember, and not in the way that everyone else means it. My song this week is about everything that is beautiful about insomnia.

The night is mine. I have it to myself, and sometimes it reveals its secrets. Everything is different in the middle of the night. Things sound different. Things look different. The earth is still and quiet. Time moves differently. Sometimes I try to pay attention to the night, to look into it, to find out what it really is. It’s like trying to unravel some great mystery. If sleep doesn’t come easily, it makes sense to use that time. Sometimes I use it philosophically, and sometimes I use it productively. Something happens to me in the middle of the night. My ideas become lucid. I can translate my ideas into form more easily. For me, the middle of the night is a muse. In some way, everything I have ever written, drawn, or played is a commentary on the night. It is my partner.

This week I continue to explore what I’ve come to recognize as a curious relationship developing between my banjo and my synthesizer. It seems to me that they have something to say to each other, and maybe even something to say about each other. It is a relationship that I am interested to see develop a little more. I suppose what I am really trying to do is to decipher what they have in common. I think they have more in common than they would like to admit.

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

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3 thoughts on “Week 12 // The Void and the Great Unknown”

  1. Jesse, keep the bango speaking to the synthesizer, the synthesizer speaking to the bango and keep the pictures, songs and essays speaking to us.

  2. Yo Man, Facebook should have a button that says “really like.” I’m sure eventually everyone would just overuse it until it didn’t mean anything anymore, but before that happened, I would hit “really like” on this song. You should replace the synth bass with a real bass. I really like this song.

  3. I’m really digging this track man, I also like that you say “The Night Is Mine,” let me know if you ever wanna team up and take down some demonic clowns, feline burglars, schizophrenic district attorneys.


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