Week 104 // The Sound of Planets Spinning

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Say what’s coming to you
When you say it
Can you try a little less attitude
Sometimes it hits you
That you feel like it’s just something to do
That you’re getting pretty old

And you’re wondering
If it’s getting to you
To think about getting old

And it’s just sun in your eyes
It’s got you blinking
Think about the people outside
Think about the last time
Anyone caught you surprised
And you’re getting pretty cold

And you wonder ‘bout your secrets and lies
And they’re getting over sold

And you wonder ‘bout your secrets and lies
And they’re getting over sold

Now here’s dirt in your eyes
Remember thinking
That you’re young
And you got plenty of time
And you believed it so sincerely
That you let it all slide
And will it hurt to recognize…

…That you saw the sun setting on a part of your life
And you didn’t really try?

And there’s no time to surrender
Something’s burning to the ground
So you can build it again
And you’re in love with the sound
Of planets spinning and working and turning again

The sound of planets spinning and working and turing again

This week’s song is about lots of stuff like getting older, keeping your regrets as secrets and building them up as monoliths, realizing that they’re all overblown in your own head, and understanding that letting moments pass you by has been the most tangibly regrettable thing you’ve done. It is about past moments and future moments orbiting each other like planets. I wanted to do something very different this week. I took a few risks, particularly with the vocals, and I think they worked out. The song has this sort of screwed up/off kilter exotic feel that I think I barely could have tried for. It was a total accident, but a happy one.

There are 52 weeks in a year, therefore 104 weeks make two years, thus this week’s song marks the two year anniversary of Mount Everest as a weekly recording project! I made a sizable stink just a few weeks ago about reaching 100 songs. Those of you who don’t know me very well might suspect that it is too soon to do something like that again. Those who do know me will understand that when it comes to this project, I never miss an opportunity to stroke my own ego or to pat myself on the back. I don’t think I am an unusually egotistical person. It is just that this is a tangible moment that I dare not miss. I dare not miss it because I need to thank all you faithful listeners out there in internet-land for giving me a reason to keep doing this. Your feedback and participation make my life so awesome. You rule! To celebrate this milestone (the last for a little while), I have prepared somewhat of a Mount Everest retrospective. I aim to highlight some of the notable songs from this project in order to gain some perspective before embarking on year three! Each song featured here (including the newest one) will be free to download for a week, so tell everyone!

Disclaimer: Some of these superlatives make qualitative statements like “best” or “worst” which are of course my opinion, and are up to debate. If you disagree with anything, please argue your point in the comments section below.

The Best Song:
This was a hard choice. This one wins because it earns its big ending.

The Worst Song:
I hate literally everything about this song. Every time I hear it, I wish I’d never started a website.

Biggest Hit:
This song got over 50,000 hits on HitRECord! Pretty neat.

Awesome But Nobody Noticed:
This song has about 10 bass overdubs at once. What could be better?

Mom’s Favorite:
One of the prettiest ones.

Dad’s Favorite:
Super funky. Tongue firmly in cheek.

Most of My Friends’ Favorite (I’m pretty sure):
Way up there for me too.

Most Synth:
Dig the breakdown here.

Best Least Synth:
Lots of my songs have no synth. This is the best one. Collaboration!

I Just Want It On This List:
Also, click through to Bandcamp where you’ll find that the Week 75 E.P.s are still free!

My Jam:
I got my acoustic guitar as danceable as it will ever get (on that instrument I was trying to channel David Byrne).

Craziest Collaboration:
Holy crap Tama. Bring it on home, Girl.

Most Covered:
This version is by Tama and Miguel.

I noticed while putting this together that this retrospective skews slightly toward year one, rather than year two. I have to say that I actually prefer year two on the whole, but perhaps it is underrepresented here because I haven’t yet had time to get nostalgic about it. There are so many songs on this website, and I didn’t have nearly room enough to show you all of my favorites, or really even the best ones. This is just a sampling of some of the best and worst of what I do. I hope it is enough to entice you back here next week for the start of year three! Thanks for listening folks!


The following people performed in songs featured in this retrospective (they are cool): Nick Mastors, Miguel Williams, Alex Selby, Tamarinda Figueroa, and Dave Roush. It just goes to show you that I’m not really in this alone. Thanks for all the help gang! And thanks to my family, all of my other collaborators, listeners, and friends!

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2 thoughts on “Week 104 // The Sound of Planets Spinning

  1. Hey Jesse, as a long time listener I naturally formed my own opinions on awesomeness. Gold Shore/Green Sea was awesome. You know I’m a firm believer in the awesomeness of saturday night on the earth. Burning ways and counting colors and covering ground are both awesome, but my list would be 1: Good Man Trying 2: Not the Same, No way 3: Saturday Night on the Earth 4: Burning ways 5: To recognize the sun again 6: You are still alive. 7: Counting Colors and Covering Ground 8: Dangerous Music because its still pretty awesome 9: River Song 10: Awake in all you do. Im sure this list isn’t perfect, but its as close as I think I’m going to get right now. Also, stungun fighter should get honorable mention as being the most weirdly thought provoking of all entries up to this point. This monday totally didn’t suck and hopefully yours didnt either

  2. Thank you for two years of Mondays that always have had at least one bright spot. Believe me there were a few where the only bright spot was Mount Everest. Today would fit that description. Your talent is amazing. I hate to tell you that you are not a good critic of your own work. I always liked “Banking on the Rapture”.

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