It is right to be up at 4am

I started this website because I wanted to know if I had it in me. I was up late one night (like I am tonight) and I had an idea out of nowhere to post a new song every week. The idea seemed simple, then it seemed scary. I thought that maybe I’d let the idea pass, and then I’d go back to doing absolutely nothing with all of the music that I write. That thought was even scarier.

I’m only two weeks into this project and I have no idea how difficult it may become. I don’t know if a week will come when I’m simply dry. I don’t know how that might feel. But right now I’m up at four in the morning working on lyrics. I just had this thought that this might be what every Thursday morning might look like for me, from now until doomsday, and that thought was very comforting. It is right to up at four in the morning on a Thursday putting my pencil to my paper with my headphones on. It is right to make art because I’ve made a public contract with myself that I will. It is right to scare myself into creation. Whether or not anybody listens, this is right.

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