The Necessity of Expanding Purpose


For nearly five years this website has been one thing. My listeners know what to expect each week, and in a fundamental way that is not about to change. Each Monday I will continue to post a new song for your consideration, enjoyment, and/or criticism. This project is important to me and has opened crucial doors in my life, so as I address its future, it is good to pay fealty to its history. Nonetheless I am asking you, my audience, to consider that Mount Everest can be about more than only a new song each week. With your patience and indulgence, I need to attempt to expand its purpose.

I have a lot of writing that I must do, and I have been considering forums in which this writing might be presented. The thought of a brand new blog has crossed my mind numerous times, but the more I have engaged that notion, the less sense it has made. I have a blog, so what use is there in a new one? Therefore, in addition to one new song per week, Mount Everest is to become the home of my thoughts on a great many subjects, unrestrained by genre or category, collected only under the mercifully vague umbrella of cultural commentary. What does that mean? Time will tell. In tone and scope, expect these posts to fall somewhere between Subterranean Soundscapes (my master’s thesis), and my weekly track notes accompanying each new song. In substance, I expect there to be a wide spectrum, just as you may have come to expect from my weekly musical efforts. The purpose here is the same as it has ever been. Long have I held the value that songwriting must be a practice. So too should writing be.

For this new category of posts, I am not going to institute the weekly mandate that has long been the hallmark of this blog. My reasoning is that I hope (eventually) to write something worth posting more often than once a week. Time will tell.

I respect that some of my audience members might prefer only to engage Mount Everest as they always have; as a source of new music, issuing consistently from an artist toiling in the freedom of obscurity. If you are this audience member, return each Monday, and you will find what you are looking for. To those of you with the patience to try something new, be on the lookout. I have other things to say.

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