What is this?

Q: What exactly is going on here?
A: This is an ongoing recording and art project called Mount Everest. It is a Rock Blog for which I write and record a new song every week, and post it to this website each Monday.

Q: What is a “Rock Blog”?
A: When I tell new acquaintances that I am a musician they always ask “do you play in a band?…” to which I always reply that I play in a blog instead. I have played in rock bands, and perhaps will play in them again in the future, but for now my blog is my band and my band is my blog. Sometimes other people play in my Rock Blog too, but usually it’s just me.

Q: How many weeks will this project last?
A: Some of my listeners were surprised when I kept going after I reached a year. I am not sure why, because I never indicated in any way that I was planning to stop. I am not sure how long this project will last, but I believe that its continuing nature is what makes it interesting. The official answer to this question is that I am shooting for 1,000,000 songs which at the present rate of production will take me a little less than 19,231 years.

Q: Where do all the pictures come from?
A: With a few rare exceptions, I made them.

Q: How do you come up with a new idea for a song every week?
A: I steal. I read, I watch movies and TV shows, and I listen to the radio a lot, and when somebody says something interesting, I steal it. I also listen to my old songs, and when something sounds good, I steal it from myself. I also wear my heart on my sleeve a lot. You can’t write a song every single week without turning yourself into kind of an open book.

Q: Why don’t you ever do an instrumental?
A: Because it isn’t the point. I won’t get any better at writing lyrics or singing if I give myself the week off.

Q: What about cover songs?
A: I’m not against cover songs, but they don’t count. This is a writing exercise, and I can’t really write a cover song, can I? If I do a cover song (or an instrumental) it will be a bonus track. Since it is hard enough to keep up with a new original song every week, it is unlikely to happen very often. But I have been talking with a close friend about collaborating on an updated version of Natalie Imbruglia’s 1997 hit “Torn.”

Q: What bands do you like?
A: All of the same ones as you.

Q: Why is it called Mount Everest?
A: Because Mount Everest is the tallest thing in the world.