Everest is…

Of all the things in the entire world Mount Everest is the tallest. It is in Tibet where they call it Chomolungma which means Mother Goddess of the Universe, and from the top you can see the mall, Michael Jordan’s house, the Louvre, the Charles River, and Disneyland. From the top of Mount Everest you can look in a telescope and see what everyone is having for breakfast in China, what kind of sex is fashionable in Berlin, and what color socks your third grade teacher is wearing. You can communicate with alien astronauts who fly dangerously close to its pointy ice-covered peaks, and ghosts who wound up there trying to climb to heaven. You can go sledding but it sucks because climbing back up for the second run takes forever. It is big as hell — compared to it everything else is tiny… even your Mom and Dad who used to be the biggest thing you could think of until you got a little older and found out about Mount Everest. Please listen and enjoy this music.

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