The tallest damn thing in the world…

In my bedroom I have a computer, and plugged into my computer are all sorts of wires and instruments and microphones and speakers. They light up and I command them to make sounds. I am a member of a growing class of home recordists and songwriters who all have one thing in common: nobody is listening. Tonight that changes.

I’m still a young man and perhaps that’s why despite many setbacks I still believe in my ability to be a famous musician. Each band I start does slightly better than the last and then implodes. This time I thought I’d start a blog instead — a blog that is a band.

I will blog a new song at 12 noon (e.s.t.) every Monday. The point of this is to make songwriting and recording into a practice and to transform listening into a forum. I write music all of the time, but implementing this structure will force me to make choices and to take chances with ideas and sounds. I will enlist the help of other musicians and artists wherever and whenever I can (most notably Nick Mastors who will be a cornerstone of this initiative whenever he can be). I will create a space where music is a dialogue and creation is constant.

The music will be fast and dirty. It will be a reflection of the immediacy of ideas. Or perhaps it will be fully fleshed out, thoughtful, and meticulous. Whatever it will be, we are soon to find out. To quote a master philosopher, musician, friend, and frequent collaborator,”I don’t really know, because I don’t know.”

In my bedroom I play in a rock blog and I’m hoping that many of you will collaborate, participate, listen, criticize, and contribute. It’s called Mount Everest because that’s the tallest damn thing in the world.

New music launches Monday, November 22nd at high noon.